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Webinar September 8, 2015

Environment Rating Scales Anchor Certification

Environment Rating Scales (ERS) Anchor recertification requirements were modified through a CA–QRIS Ballot Survey on August 1, 2017. Based on these results, the CA–QRIS Master Anchors are updating Regional ERS Anchor recertification processes. We are not accepting requests for new Regional Anchor certification at this time. If a Region’s Anchor is due for recertification, please contact Missy Baiocchi, WestEd, by e-mail at

Updated certification processes will be posted here when completed. The link below summarizes the new recertification requirements, retroactive to July 1, 2017.

CA–QRIS Ballot Survey Results – August 2, 2017

Assessor Management Resources

I. Using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) and Environment Rating Scales (ERS) Tools in California Quality Rating and Improvement System (CA-QRIS)

This chapter includes information for administrators of a local Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), local ERS Anchors, and local CLASS and ERS trainers about the roles and responsibilities of First 5 California and local staff. These protocols were written for implementation in RTT-ELC and adopted for the California-QRIS (CA-QRIS) Assessor Management Resources and are applicable to First 5 IMPACT.

  1. California Quality Rating and Improvement System – Consortia Assessor Management System Structure: Excerpt from the CA-QRIS Consortia Implementation Guide
  2. Recommended Protocol for Live Observations

II. California Environment Rating Scales (ERS) Anchor and Trainer Resources

  1. ERS Training Materials from California Quality Rating and Improvement System (CA-QRIS) Anchors
  2. Environment Rating Scales (ERS) Certification Information and Checklist  
  3. Types of certification provided by First 5 California (F5CA) Master Anchors and preparation requirements for local assessors and Anchors

  4. Guidelines and Correspondence for Setting Up Environment Rating Scale (ERS) Training and Certification
  5. This document includes Environment Rating Scale Training and Certification Guidelines for Sponsoring Agencies and sample correspondence about inter-rater reliability for the Lead County Contact, participants, and early learning sites.

  6. Environment Rating Scales Report Writing Guidelines  

III. General ERS Tools and Procedures

IV. Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) Observer and Trainer Tools and Resources

  1. CLASS Observation Training and Certification: F5CA offers no-cost training for counties interested in certifying observers. Contact training& for more information about CLASS training opportunities.
  2. Research from Teachstone about Use of the CLASS Tool (see more information at
  3. Resources for Effective Classroom Interactions
  4. In-service suites (15 minute, topic-specific videos) are organized around one topic or big idea and address effective teaching practices in three areas, aligned with the CLASS: Social Emotional Support, Well-organized Classrooms, and Instructional Interactions.