Teacher Signature Program

Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Educational Standards (CARES) Plus

The Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Educational Standards (CARES) program, First 5 California's Teacher Signature program, launched in 2000 and continued in 2012 as CARES Plus, has ended as of June 30, 2016. First 5 California acknowledges the exemplary work and dedication of CARES Plus Lead Agencies to improving the quality of early learning programs for children ages O to 5 and their families by supporting the education and preparation of an effective and diverse early learning work force.

Since 2012, CARES Plus has served approximately 16,000 participants by providing incentives, support systems, training, and technical assistance for early childhood educators, improving their education and increasing participation in professional development. Teacher effectiveness is among the most important factors impacting the quality of early learning programs, and evaluation of CARES Plus has shown improved teacher effectiveness. The dedication of CARES Plus Lead Agencies and the early learning workforce during the past 16 years has ensured success of the program and has made a significant impact on the lives of children.

As CARES Plus sunsets, F5CA is pleased to continue support for the early learning workforce through First 5 IMPACT (Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive). We are confident your efforts to support our workforce will expand partnerships and create new opportunities with an enhanced focus at sustainability through engaging the entire early learning site in continuous quality improvement, including workforce development, education, and effectiveness.

CARES Plus - Round 2 RFA

CARES Plus - Round 2 - Fiscal and reporting requirements

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