Signature Programs

First 5 California has invested millions of dollars to develop programs to ensure all children grow up to reach their full potential.

Through statewide programs and public education efforts, First 5 California, along with the 58 First 5 county commissions and numerous other partners, touches the lives of millions of children and their families every year.

Since its creation in 1998, First 5 California has launched innovative programs and services designed to help young children grow up healthy and do well in school and in life.

Current efforts at First 5 California include the development and implementation of a system of resources designed to benefit children, teachers, and parents. Our Child, Parent, and Teacher Signature programs are research-based programs that integrate social-emotional development, high quality early education, and parent outreach.

 Child Signature Program

 Teacher Signature Program

 Parent Signature Program

 Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC)

RTT-ELC was announced on May 25, 2011, by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The $500 million state-level grant competition rewards states for creating comprehensive plans that transform early learning systems for children, birth to age five, with improved coordination and assessment mechanisms, clear learning standards, meaningful workforce development, family engagement initiatives, and increased participation in high quality early learning programs.

California was one of nine states awarded an RTT-ELC grant for a total of $75 million through December 2015. Approximately 74 percent of California's RTT-ELC grant funding will be spent at the local level to support a voluntary network of 17 Regional Leadership Consortia (Consortia), each led by an established organization that is already operating or developing a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS).

The Governor designated California Department of Education Child Development Division as the fiscal lead. First 5 California staff provides leadership, evaluation, and administrative support for the RTT-ELC grant.

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