CARES Plus Data System

About the System

The CARES Plus Data System is used by Lead Agencies, First 5 California, and our partners to manage the CARES Plus Program and maintain information about program participants. The system supports First 5 California's investment in the CARES Plus program by:
  • Maintaining participant data
  • Providing data for the Annual Report
  • Supporting program operations and evaluation

Getting Started

  • CARES Plus Data System

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  • First 5 California implemented the new CARES Plus Data System December 9, 2013, providing additional functionality to support:
    • Managing CLASS TM observations
    • Managing My Teaching Partner TM (MTP) participation
    • Tracking MTP TM equipment

    New User Form

    To request access to the CARES Plus Data System, the Child Signature Program (CSP) Profile and Evaluation System, CSP Readiness Assessment, or the Annual Report System, please complete and submit the New User Form. Please submit this form and the required confidentiality agreement to First 5 California by fax at 916-263-1360 or by e-mail to For instructions on completing the new user account form, please click here.


    Access the CARES Plus Data System here:
  • CARES Plus Data System
  • Training Materials

  • Data Entry Guide for Lead Agencies

  • System Transition Presentation
  • CARES Plus Data System Demonstration (October 2013)